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Warm Wax / Intimate Wax / Strip Sugar
All three methods are safe, effective and surprisingly gentle ways to semi permanently remove unwanted hair. 
Warm wax adheres well to fine and medium hair so is ideal for face and body.  Intimate waxing is carried out using
a hard yet pliable wax specifically designed for delicate areas.  
It is particularly effective at gripping course hair
without adhering to the skin, resulting in a surprisingly comfortable treatment.  Strip sugar is
carried out in exactly
the same way as strip wax but being a totally natural product, is ideal for those with
sensitive skin.  Sugar is only 
suitable for body hair, not face or intimate areas. 

Intimate Waxing Questions Answered

Q: Will it be really painful?

A: Very unlikely, a better description would be uncomfortable. Most clients say there is less sensation than a leg wax.  Any discomfort will reduce with each treatment as regrowth diminishes.  Not tensing is the key and Kayla will show you a technique to help you relax.

​Q: My appointment is straight after work, will I be able to freshen up?

A: Absolutely.  Kayla provides cleansing wipes or you can bring a washbag and use the washroom.

Q: I usually shave, how long do I need to leave it before my first appointment?

A: 4 weeks is ideal, then 4-5 weeks for follow on appointments.

Q: I'm quite self conscious and worried I'll feel really embarrassed.

A: Kayla is not only a skilled therapist but has a great way of putting her clients at ease.  She has carried out 1000's of intimate waxes and treats every client with      dignity and understanding.  

Gent's Waxing Service

Back, shoulder, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, brow, ear and nostril hair removal services are available for gent's. 

Manicures & Pedicures

Choose from a quick file and paint, standard or luxury treatments for both manicures and pedicures.  You also have the option of regular or gel polish, the latter giving a longer lasting finish. For even longer wear, added strength to weak nails or to build beautiful extension my new soft gel system would be an excellent choice.  All gels are soak off so do not damage your natural nails.  Nail art is available with all sets.  The luxury services incorporate a heat treatment such as paraffin wax or a hand/foot mask using heated mittens/booties to nourish and soften hard working hands and tired feet.  For neglected feet, you may want to choose the calus peel which gently removes hard skin around the heel area.

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Lash & Brow Enhancements

Lash Lift/Perm

Enhance your natural lashed with a lash lift or perm.  Both are a safe and comfortable way to semi permanently give your lashes a flattering upward curve. Lashes look longer and  an "open" youthful appearance is achieved.  Last up to 12 weeks.  Note: Patch test required 24/48hrs prior to treatment.

Lash & Brow Tinting

A safe and effective way to semi permanently colour lashes and/or brows. Ideal pre-holiday treatment, for those with fair/grey hair or who dislike using mascara.  Note: Patch test required 24/48hrs prior to treatment.

Henna Brows

For a deeper colour and longer lasting results, Henna Brows is the perfect low maintenance way to colour, shape and nourish your brows.   A full brow wax is included in this treatment, making it very cost effective. 

Note: Patch test required 24/48hrs prior to treatment.


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Please note:   Contact lenses must be removed for all lash treatments.


Facials are not only an excellent way to give your skin a boost but are also extremely relaxing and will leave you feeling totally pampered. For those on a budget the classic facial offers everything a good facial should whilst those with problem skin may want to select the deep cleansing facial.  The luxury facial is based on the classic but with the addition of a prescription mask, scalp, neck and hand massage.   The ultimate facial is excellent value for money as it includes a back, neck and shoulder massage and the back facial treats your back to exfoliation, a heated mask and finishes with a moisturising massage, so is ideal for pre holiday or special occasions.  For male clients the turbo facial is popular and caters for gents with or without a beard.


Choose from a variety of massages depending on your needs.  Swedish back neck and shoulder massage is ideal for soothing and relaxing the mind and body.  Deep Tissue back, neck and shoulder massage focuses on pressure points to relieve tight, aching muscles.  The use of heated volcanic hot stones can be included to either of these back massages, enhancing the benefits by deeply warming the muscles, increasing blood flow and the elimination of toxins.  Indian Head massage is carried out with the client in a seated position and includes massage of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face.  Many clients have reported relief from headaches following an Indian Head massage.  For those who would like to experience a massage but are not comfortable laying on their front or removing clothing, Kayla also offers hand and arm and foot and lower leg massages which are not only wonderfully relaxing but also assist the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  As a qualified counsellor, Kayla is also able to combine gently spoken positive suggestion, with the art of  massage, to produce a Wellbeing massage, ideal for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem. 

Hopi Candling

Hopi ear candling with lymphatic drainage is a non invasive treatment so suitable for all ages.  It can be traced back as far as biblical  times and is used to treat problems of the head and ears such as compacted wax, headaches and sinusitis.  Having trained in audiology,

Kayla is also able to carry out an inspection of the ears using an otoscope which will assist her in prescribing the best treatment.

Counselling Sessions

If you find yourself at a crossroads and are unsure which way to turn, or perhaps you feel trapped in an unhappy relationship or job, a little guidance can be all you need to put you back in control.  Often one or two sessions are all that is needed.  Kayla will listen carefully and without judgement and then show you how to move forward at a pace that suits you. 


For that special occasion why not book a mini facial and make-up application.  Kayla uses a range of professional cosmetics which are mineral based so kind to all skin types.  For beginners or those wanting a new look, why not book a fun and informative make-up lesson and learn how to get the most from your existing make-up or select new products without making mistakes.

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