Kayla started her career in beauty in 1983, aged 18, when she studied skin care and cosmetics with an international company. Although she enjoyed specialising in these fields, Kayla wanted to offer a wider range of treatments, so went on to qualify in a wider variety of subjects at private training academies in Norwich.   

Kayla offers many treatments including Hopi Ear Candling (thermo auricular therapy) which she is particularly suited to, as she studied Audiology when she was in her twenties.  New meditative massage is proving successful in assisting clients to  to cope with stress and anxiety, and feel more in control of their lives. 

All treatments are carried out from the dedicated studio at Kayla's home, which has proven very popular with her clients, as it is so peaceful and has plenty of free parking.  Apart from ensuring all treatments are carried out to the highest standard, Kayla is completely dedicated to offering her clients a truly personal service. She achieves this by offering extremely flexible opening hours and treating all her clients, whatever their age, requirements or budget, with genuine warmth and respect. 

In 2020 Kayla obtained a Distinction in Nutrition becoming a fully qualified Nutrition Practitioner following a natural approach to health and wellbeing.  In 2021 Kayla went on to qualify in counselling for both adults and children.  Counselling has proven very helpful not only for clients seeking help with work, relationship and self esteem issues but also for nutrition clients suffering from eating disorders. 

Kayla is of course fully insured for all the services she provides.