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We've all become so accustomed to eating processed food, we think it's normal.  We don't consider a diet low in fiber and high in sugar, salt and fat might be the root of many of our health issues.

Eating well doesn't have to be boring, expensive or time consuming; Kayla can show you how to select healthier everyday foods and plan and prepare meals the whole family will want to tuck into.  She will also teach you how your body responds to different types of food, giving you the knowledge to make better choices.

Our bodies are amazing and capable of self repair providing we look after them by simply eating nourishing foods, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and getting outside.  

Destressing both the mind and body are vital for efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients; in fact many illnesses are due to stress rather than medical problems.  Kayla's qualifications and experience will enable her to help you understand how to recognise and deal with these issues. 

Once you understand what your body really needs, you will be surprised at how quickly cravings and mood swings will subside,  how much more energy you have and how infrequently you catch a cold.

So if you would like to feel fantastic, banish bloating, headaches, anxiety, acne, allergies, wind, bad breath, abdominal cramps, gout, yeast infections, fatigue, irritability, poor sleep, troublesome periods, dry eyes, brain fog, low sex drive or simply lose weight -  why not get in touch with Kayla today. 

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